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Get access to the most comprehensive healthcare exclusion list in the country! 


          -Harvested from over 100 publicly available sources

          -Updated monthly

          -Reasonably priced

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Why do you need our data?

If you are in the healthcare fraud detection space, you need our data.  Simply put, all of these hundreds of disparate databases do not 'talk' to each other; one doctor might be on one state Medicaid list but not appear in the federal LEIE list.  One doctor may be excluded in one state then open up shop in another state.  We have seen press releases describing sanctioned providers who own or operate businesses, still billing and being paid thousands to millions of dollars- all while going undetected by SIUs and analysts because there is no one-stop shop for exclusions - until now.

Why do you need it now?

There is a huge problem with the current exclusion list process and system; it's too slow.  A provider can have their license revoked or suspended, and even be convicted of a crime, and they still won't show up on an exclusion list for several months, if at all.  We have found thousands of providers who have been convicted of healthcare fraud that appear nowhere on ANY exclusion list, but are clearly indicted, arrested, charged, or convicted by the Department of Justice. 



We have 20 years of experience specializing in health care fraud prevention, detection, and complex data management.  Our analysts have over 20 years of experience working with healthcare claims data, fraud software development, complex data matching, data link analysis, and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) de-identification.  


Our vision is to be the one-stop shop for your compliance and fraud prevention needs.  Whether you need to be compliant to check the LEIE File before a hire, or you need to ensure you are not paying someone charged with a recent crime, Health Care Fraud Files will deliver.


Our data matching software combines advanced matching techniques with massive amounts of data, ensuring a high match accuracy rate with minimal false positives. We harness the power of advanced data matching and identity resolution to detect hidden connections in large data bases.

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