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Provider Credentialing Companies and Professionals

Provider Credentialing is the process by which insurance networks, healthcare organizations, and hospitals obtain and evaluate documentation regarding a medical provider's education, training, work history, licensure, regulatory compliance record, and malpractice history before allowing that provider to participate in a network or treat patients at a hospital or medical facility.

Our data repository of exclusion lists is a unique asset to provider credentialing professionals because it captures and consolidates provider fraud, exclusion, and board action data in one central, standardized data base.  Our data base contains recent indictments, arrests, convictions, and disciplinary actions related to health care.  This is not "just" an exclusion list, although it includes all of the exclusion lists available via the OIG, GSA-SAM, and state Medicaid organizations.  

Ask about our monthly or quarterly subscriptions, and identify questionable providers more quickly.

As a provider credentialing professional, relying on exclusion lists may not be enough to prevent healthcare fraud, waste, and abuse.

Arm yourself with our proprietary database which includes Medical Board Actions and recent healthcare-related convictions.

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